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the professional knowledge, skills, and experience within your immediate network,

as well as those beyond your network you have access to.

Your custom Network Analysis report helps you identify the relevant connections in knowledge,
expertise, and skill in your network relationships, so you can engage with the right people, right now.

Searching for expertise? the right candidate? a new customer? a partner? the best investor? Relatus’ Network Analysis is the
perfect service to help you identify the gaps that exist within your professional network, and how best to connect to them.

Search Professional Occupations and Roles

Select from a series of occupational and role title categories and see how many you are connected to in both your 1st (the people you know) and 2nd-degree networks (the people you don’t know, but should).

Search Professional Industries

Targeting an industry? Segment your search based on a specific industry and we’ll analyze and organize your network based on the industry category selected.

Fill the Gaps

People are routinely surprised by the analysis results of their professional network and who they know, and even more so by the potential network that’s available to them (that they aren’t accessing). Identify the gaps in your network to help fill them in.

It’s Free

That’s right. Discovering your network potential comes at no cost to you. Analyze your network as many times and in as many ways as you’d like with our service; it will always be free.

Discover Your Network Potential

Your network is more powerful than you know. Success and achieving our goals in life depends greatly on who we know, and who they know. Discover what your existing network, and potential network you have access to, are made of.

Find The Right Targets

Using our premium service, you can access detailed information about the people in your immediate network and the relationships beyond your network that are possible, based on your search parameters.

Building The Network of Relationships You Didn’t Know You Could Have

Our relationships, associations, and professional, social, and personal connections are our net worth and remain the best tools in helping us achieve our goals and in helping enable others. Identifying the most relevant relationships and connections to our most important objectives and actions can mean the difference between success and delay.

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Building Your Own Social Graph

Bringing your professional, social and personal relationships together all in one place, securely and with detailed information, enables powerful new capabilities for you.

Defining Your Needs & Focus

The ability to define precisely what you’re doing, what you’re most interested in, and whom you’re seeking most to engage, creates targeted, personalized searches, and relevant results, unlike any other.

Connecting With Integrity

Never reach out cold to others again. On our Relativity platform, you’re introduced to those you don’t know only by those you do, with shared relevant interests. Warm introductions of integrity result in greater initial engagement and higher new connection acceptance rates.

Engaging With Relevance

Discover and know what matters most to those you connect with. Understand the shared interests, objectives, goals, and relevant details of your new relationships.

Leveraging Your Knowledge Network

Develop your own targeted experience, skill, and expert knowledge base to inform and achieve your goals and objectives. Whether from individuals, teams, groups, organizations, or company resources, you’ll gain valuable insights, relationships, connections and more via your developed knowledge network.

Enabling Others

The ROI of relationships and integrity of meaningful connections flows both ways. Become discoverable, known, and accessible to others for your unique expertise, skills knowledge, and experience, and enable others in their mission with your abilities. Let the complete picture of your capabilities, wisdom, and skills define who you are.

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