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Knowledge Graph
Knowledge Graph

Our platform leverages your existing networks and those of people you know to create a massively scaled referral engine and knowledge graph

Dimensional Data
Dimensional Data

Using people's dimensional data, the Relativity Platform discovers and suggests targeted high-value connection prospects for new relationships

ML Recommendations
ML Recommendations

Our ML-driven relevance scoring finds the best connections and suggests the most relevant contacts based on your network's strengths, and reach

Proprietary Dataset
Proprietary Dataset

Our proprietary contacts database and extensive network of social, professional data delivers rich and relevant insights, suggestions

Outreach Analysis
Outreach Analysis

Create personalized introductions, outreach, referral requests and campaigns, track engagement, response and sentiment analysis

Privacy Enabled
Privacy Enabled

Your data privacy is our promise - learn how we enable you to collect, manage and take control of your information, networks, and contacts

One Platform
to Manage Them All

Relatus provides a streamlined, insightful platform to see and manage your professional, personal, and social connections, all within one place.

The hub of your life's professional, personal and social networks and relationships, at your fingertips.

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For the Capital Raiser

Relatus dives into your professional, personal and social networks to connect you with qualified, relevant investors and partners aligned with your goals.

  • Find investors who share your interests and fit your ideal profile
  • Identify the best pathways to a warm, personal introduction
  • Develop targeted and effective outreach communication campaigns

For the Fund Manager

Save valuable time identifying LPs aligned with your mandate, investment thesis, and portfolio objectives, form investment syndicates, and source pre-qualified entrepreneurs seeking funding.

  • Find new LP investors who match your fund mandate and strategy
  • Search for and engage with investment syndicates, partners
  • Use the platform to keep your network warm for the next raise

For the Recruiter

The art of discovering experienced, high-quality talent is more manageable with powerful tools to illuminate your extended network.

  • Identify personal connections to enable new applicant referrals
  • Target candidates with powerful filters to achieve higher relevancy
  • Discover hidden sources of candidates within your own network

For the Network Builder

The Relativity Platform is the only tool you need to enrich and extend your professional network. Bring your collection of work, personal and social contacts, followers, and subscribers together into a single powerful connection engine.

  • Search for new connections by industry, activity, or keywords
  • Find the pathways to a warm introduction and meeting
  • Allow others to find you in their network-building efforts

For the Strategic Partner Search

Ideas and capital alone aren't enough to guarantee a company's success. Founders require the support of the right strategic partners. Our platform matches entrepreneur strategies and goals with the people, partners, and channels to make them happen.

  • Discover new partnering opportunities via shared connections
  • Put your experience and interests on the platform for others to discover
  • Identify new channels, market partners with aligned goals to grow with

Relevant, Professional Relationships Enable Everyone’s Mission.

Enrich Your Network To Achieve Your Goals.

Relatus empowers your professional network to respond to your most important questions and enable your mission. We operate with priority, connecting you with the person, team or company most relevant to your goals, and with whom you should engage most of all, to achieve results that matter now.

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