It’s who you know...and, who knows you

Your available professional network is (much) larger than you realize; statistically, you already know someone who can connect you with the person that can help you most to achieve your mission and goals.


of your professional network overlaps with others (that you’re not connected to)


within a mere two to three connections (of someone you already are connected to)

Relatus Is...

...the new networking and relationship sciences platform that engages the people in your professional, personal and social networks with your goals. We connect you and your mission with the most relevant persons, contacts, and companies, both within and beyond your immediate network, create introductions that generate new relationships and provide valuable frameworks for managing, measuring, and achieving your objectives.

Relatus develops, enriches, and enhances your professional network to help you achieve your mission, generating trusted relationships based on relevance and integrity between those you know, and those you need to know.

Leveraging machine learning, social algorithms, and proprietary industry data, our service integrates with your existing professional and personal networks and contacts to enrich, expand and build new relationships of integrity, relevance, and trust with those who can best enable you to reach your goals.

How We Can Enable You

Are you raising capital for your company or fund? Looking for targeted investors, limited partners, or capital resources? Attempting to identify your next board member, customer, or skilled candidate? Or want to enrich, optimize and build your professional network and contacts? Relatus Relativity™ platform puts your network, and ours, to work for you.

Our Relativity platform enriches your professional relationships, expands your network, provides contact intelligence, and delivers invaluable market & industry insights for Founders, Fund Managers, GP/LPs, Investors, Business Development, and Recruiting Leaders.

Relatus produces targeted ROI from your professional relationships by generating warm personal introductions from your existing network to targeted individuals, companies, and relevant new contacts that help you achieve your goals.

Your network is your net worth. Empower it with Relatus.

The hub of your professional, personal and social networks, at your fingertips

Relatus provides a streamlined, intelligent platform to help you see and manage your professional, personal, and social connections and the available network beyond your own that you can engage and leverage to help you achieve your most important goals.

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With Relatus, you can


Integrate, refine and enrich your extended network with data from a wide range of sources


Create profiles of the people you would most like to meet

Work Remote

Explore our extensive dataset for others with shared interests, goals

Work Remote

Discover mutual connections with your ideal targets

Where will your journey lead you?

Your relationships and network are a largely untapped resource.
Our platform opens a world of opportunities for you to define, measure, refine and achieve your goals.

Capital Raise

Your extended network connects you to people who want to see your vision come to life, or who know someone who does

Fund Building

Build and manage a campaign to connect with like-minded LP investors to anchor or fill out your fund

Network Expansion

Expand your universe of connections by discovering and connecting with the people who share your interests and goals

A New Career

Supercharge your career with our Relatus Presence (coming soon!), enabling recruiters to find you and others to refer you

Strategic Partner

Growing businesses need seasoned guidance, our service uncovers the experienced partners in your network

People are the driving force of our community. We enable the ROI of relationships that make you successful.

The Relatus Presence (coming this summer) is the gateway to your entire network. Pre-register now for early access.

Explore use cases, our clients trust us.

Turn Your Network Into Relevant Conversations and Enabling Relationships

The Relatus platform not only uncovers the hidden value in your network, it provides a platform to initiate, measure and refine relevant communications with the people who matter most to your goals.

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Who Might Find You?

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