Good For You! It’s Your Data, And You Have Rights To It, Always

Some things to know regarding reviewing, retrieving, opting out, and removing your data

Relatus aggregates user-generated and publicly available information regarding persons and relationships between individuals from both a) user-provided actions, b) defined relationships and named network contacts identified from user-maintained directories and third-party sources including direct contacts lists, address files, CRM tools and external professional and social relationship platforms authorized by first-person users, and c) third-party data sources. Opting out or requesting the removal or deletion of your information from our directory will not remove your information from its original source if obtained from a third party data provider. As a result, your information may still appear on other directory sites outside of Relatus. You may have multiple listings on Relatus, each of which is identified by a unique URL and must be removed individually. We continually receive new and updated records. Please review our site regularly for additional listings that may be obtained from third parties or appear on our platform. Thank You.

Remove my Information

Please select any options requested from the list below.

To remove a listing of information pertaining to you from Relatus, please enter your LinkedIn or Relatus URL of the profile referenced and your email address corresponding to the selected URL (for verification purposes).

Our customer care representatives are available to assist you here or email us directly at [email protected].